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We Buy Books

We're always interested in buying books, from single volumes to large collections. We're particularly interested in the following:

  • Modern Literature
  • Western Americana, Nevada
  • Unusual Nonfiction
  • Hard-Boiled Mystery
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
  • Erotica & Curiosa
  • Counterculture

We don't buy common or condensed books or books with substantial damage or mildew.

Please contact us if you have books you'd like to sell.

Gian Raviolo, Proprietor
777 Silver Oak Dr E225
Carson City NV 89706-2929

775-400-1260 M-F 9-5 PT

Here are some of the books we're looking for:
                                Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book                                A504045796       A
The Yo-Semite Almanac for 1867 A22132160 A
Aagaard Aagaard's Africa A503381474 A
Aarons A Wonderful Time A20308314 A
Adams The Antique Bowie Knife Book A504118595 A
Aga Khan India in Transition Putnam A504043299 A
Albo Magic with Apparatus A504131605 A
Alcosser How To Build A Working Digital Computer A500875475 A
Alexander The Pink Dress A20746696 A
Amedro Shetland Lace A503958618 A
Amis Invasion of the Space Invaders A500245646 A
Ammen Recovery And Refining Of Precious Metals A19862352 A
Annabel Alaskan Tales A20746720 A
Anzieu The Skin Ego A504039861 A
Appleton The Experience of Landscape A20320014 A
Arkell The Jurassic System in Great Britain A504039838 A
Armstrong A Voice Cries Out Amid Religious Confusion A503408060 A
Asimov Tomorrow's Children A22282162 A
Atkinson The Complete Shiba Inu A504140556 A
Bacon Ghost of Opalina or Nine Lives A22260776 A
Bacon Secrets of Professional Turf Betting A503963107 A
Baker Crimson Night A500875200 A
Ballard The Atrocity Exhibition Doubleday A504045294 A
Bamberg The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs A504131607 A
Bannon The Wonderful Fashion Doll A500875206 A
Bard Best Friends A22260754 A
Barlowe Expedition A500197806 A
Barnes Solved: The Riddle of Heart Attacks A504473239 A
Barnett The Art of Gesture A504043315 A
Barnhart Biographical Notes upon Botanists A19837471 A
Barringer Paperback Price Guide to Romance A500406912 A
Bartholomew Black Jack Ketchum, Last of the Holdup Kings A21102396 A
Bartlett & Lay Twelve O'Clock High Harper A20318014 A
Bean Greenberg's Guide to Gilbert Erector Sets A500873495 A
Beard Aiden A503407551 A
Becher Industrial Facades A22406302 A
Bee Hungry Hurler Grosset A20308290 A
Beebe The Stork Club Bar Book A504031350 A
Belbenoit Dry Guillotine A20480180 A
Belden Marks of American Silversmiths A22260846 A
Bellamy Number Knitting A503381446 A
Benjamin Squeeze Play Avon A504052493 A
Bennett Little Witch Lippincott A22014696 A
Bennion Antique Medical Instruments A504039798 A
Bentley A Moment Past Midnight A20604050 A
Bentley Maiden of the Morning A20604054 A
Bentley Turning Towards Home A20604052 A
Beresford Nina Foxton A500328533 A
Bernstein Turbulent Years A500875348 A
Biedny Photoshop Channel Chops A22654994 A
Biggs Introduction to Structural Dynamics A504119159 A
Binns Secret of the Sleeping River A500875464 A
Bishop Death in the Dark Faber A504679641 A
Black You Can't Win Macmillan A504721049 A
Blaine Danger Below! A500873461 A
Blakeney A Gay Adventurer A22386906 A
Blakeney The Life and Exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel A22386904 A
Bleiler The Guide to Supernatural Fiction A20598684 A
Blinko The Primal Screamer A504143738 A
Blum Flash in the Pan A503992916 A
Born The New Architecture in Mexico A22292430 A
Botkin The Real Romanovs A20746626 A
Bova The Star Conquerors Winston A503977513 A
Bowart Operation Mind Control A500875440 A
Boyd From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss A504150737 A
Boyd White Fluffy Clouds A504150736 A
Breathed Academia Waltz A504045242 A
Breedlove Spirit of America A504222073 A
Brenson Antonio Lopez Garcia A504039221 A
Brepohl Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing A19862523 A
Bress The Weaving Book A504206755 A
Breton Black Widow A503977506 A
Brian Moongate A500875467 A
Briggs Masques A503977488 A
Brockmann Ladies Man Loveswept A500873565 A
Brodovitch Ballet A503407956 A
Brogan The Official Travis McGee Quiz Book A20427650 A
Bronte Slave to Her Desires A20297420 A
Brown Beyond the Pawpaw Trees A20785770 A
Brown Digital Fortress A20785622 A
Brown Pure Effect A503977500 A
Bryant Unfinished Victory A504044443 A
Buchwald Handbook of Iron Meteorites A20746512 A
Bunker No Beast So Fierce Norton A500214555 A
Burban Lessons from Michelangelo A20163376 A
Burdick Such Things are Known A503972149 A
Burns The Life Work of "Farmer" Burns A504119167 A
Burroughs Where the Old West Stayed Young A504162793 A
Calt I'd Rather Be the Devil Da Capo A21102366 A
Campbell Empress Bianca Bliss A504043325 A
Cannon Scream for Jeeves A504164992 A
Carlin Caombat Judo A503408047 A
Carlson Spring Designer's Handbook A500875439 A
Carmean Robert Shaw A504045233 A
Carter The Sixteenth Round A503992896 A
Carver A Girl and Five Brave Horses A500875473 A
Castle Queen of Hearts MacFadden A20604060 A
Castle Vintage of Surrender MacFadden A20604058 A
Celsi The Fourth Little Pig A20318018 A
Charles The Hombre from Sonora A503981346 A
Charlesworth Cat Stevens A503972158 A
Charters The Beats A22045850 A
Cheney Sisters A22016036 A
Chester The Wonderful Adventures of Little Prince Toofat A20417854 A
Child World Mirrors, 1650-1900 A20797382 A
Chris Hung A503381481 A
Christiansen The History of Mind Control A503408012 A
Church Cab-Forward A503977487 A
Clapp The Big Bender A500873516 A
Clark Ignition Rutgers A504043297 A
Clark Recuerdos de Santa Fe A500875401 A
Clarke Pacific Crest Trailway A503381484 A
Clarke The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion A504039837 A
Clay John Masters A504044448 A
Clayton Forty-Seven Years in the Universalist Ministry A503992897 A
Cleckley The Mask of Sanity A504044734 A
Cody Software Manual for the Elementary Functions A500257001 A
Collins, Herbert Threads of History A503993344 A
Connelly Machine Tool Reconditioning A20785908 A
Cook Plotto A504045834 A
Cooke Tamawaca Folks Tamawaca Press A504045799 A
Coolidge-Rask London After Midnight A504043967 A
Coombs Dorrie's Magic A500313492 A
Cooper Me, Alice A503381463 A
Cooper Over Sea, Under Stone Harcourt A504106614 A
Cooper The Sex Life of Brigham Young A22125384 A
Copeland Modular Crochet A503381447 A
Covey Calalus A504251283 A
Crabel Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns A22260840 A
Credle Andy and the Circus A504044438 A
Creel How We Advertised America Harper A504327664 A
Crowe Fast Times at Ridgemont High A20423287 A
Cummer A Book of Spinning Wheels A504045811 A
Cunningham Pretty Boy A22585324 A
Cussler Iceberg Dodd, Mead A20746494 A
Dallas-Smith Trouble for Trumpets A20746444 A
Danielou Origen A500873483 A
Daver Jazz Graphics A504039803 A
Davidson Adventures in Unhistory Owlswick Press A20746614 A
Davidson Brooklyn Gang A504637316 A
Davies Ancient Egyptian Paintings A503406217 A
Davis Being Right or Making Money A504530269 A
Davis The American Wild Turkey A503977479 A
Day Return With Honor A503381482 A
Deaver Always a Thief A504043319 A
Dehey Religious Orders of Women in the United States A503582713 A
Dempsey Championship Fighting A500142827 A
DePaolo Wall Smacker A504001592 A
Derleth Three Who Died A503977482 A
Des Barres I'm with the Band Morrow A20427630 A
Dewlen The Bone Pickers McGraw A504621126 A
Dick The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike A20340013 A
Dickens A Christmas Carol Yale A504510009 A
Dickson Kuwait and Her Neighbors A503958642 A
Dines How the Average Investor Can Use Technical Analysis A503977509 A
Doak The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses A501455152 A
Dulieu Paulus and the Acornmen A504470115 A
Dwyer Children of the Storm A500157093 A
Earle The Long Shadows A500310321 A
Easton Eighteen Straight Whiskeys A20317626 A
Edinoff Atomics for the Millions A20417844 A
Edwards Metamorphosis of a Criminal A504637418 A
Edwards You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago A500873563 A
Elford Devil's Guard A22260718 A
Ellsworth Smith County Justice A503977481 A
Embury The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks Doubleday A504400522 A
Ernst Across the Pacific in a China Clipper A503381455 A
Everard A Star's Progress A504125288 A
Faircloth Ernie Pyle A19840258 A
Fallon Billionaire A500873522 A
Fante Bravo, Burro! A503337646 A
Farr Mustang Boss 302 A504045815 A
Fenton The Nine Questions A500286483 A
Fichter The Animal Kingdom A504045794 A
Finster Stranger From Another World A504079513 A
Fisher A Brief Introduction to the Infinitesimal Calculus Macmillan A500873487 A
Fleming "Flem's" Views of Old Pittsburgh A22238848 A
Flynn As We Go Marching A21171474 A
Forbis Authentic Arabian Bloodstock A500875456 A
Forrest Carola A20746662 A
Forward Villains By Necessity A20480168 A
Foster The World of William Penn A504110168 A
Frank Les Americains A20308312 A
Fry Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry A22261002 A
Gabaldon Cross Stitch Century A504327798 A
Gaddis Killer: A Journal of Murder Macmillan A504632131 A
Gaiman Duran Duran A504628420 A
Gallagher California: In Solitude and Silence A21971150 A
Garton In a Dark Place A504710483 A
Gentry Full Justice A503408087 A
Gentry Sketches from the Life of Meredith P. Gentry A503407552 A
Gibbs Gibbs Family Genealogy A503406048 A
Gibson Latawnya, the Naughty Horse A504206756 A
Gillies Plastic Surgery of the Face A500144202 A
Goldman Disco A20746704 A
Goodwin The Lure of Gold A500156971 A
Gorcey An Original Dead End Kid Presents A22125388 A
Govan The Pink Maple House A22260728 A
Gracie Share the Warm Flesh A503967861 A
Grafton The Lolly Madonna War Owen A504267404 A
Graham & Dodd Security Analysis A20308342 A
Grant Coal A22260764 A
Green Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary Last Gasp A504510092 A
Greenberg Fantastic Stories A21742350 A
Greene Billion Dollar Baby A20746664 A
Griffin Skin Summer A503040186 A
Grosjean Beyond Counting A500230806 A
Grunbaum Tilings and Patterns A20785806 A
Hadsell Contesting A503586898 A
Haig The Questions at the Well A504256930 A
Haines Slim A20319822 A
Hall Jerry Hall's Tall Tales A20545270 A
Hamilton American Autographs A504039213 A
Hamilton Impromptu In Moribundia A20785788 A
Hamilton J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life (Proof) A20746716 A
Hamilton Red Shoes For Nancy Lippincott A500875444 A
Hamilton Spirits in Bondage Heinemann A504256926 A
Hanks Donald Deskey A504039834 A
Harling Australian Cattle Dogs A500875466 A
Harris Billiard Atlas on Systems & Techniques A20470327 A
Harris Shakespeare's Christmas A504063426 A
Harrison Make Room! Make Room! Doubleday A500873556 A
Harrison The Quiet Earth A500790797 A
Harsh The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture A504043311 A
Hart Great Reservations A504099152 A
Hart The Remaking of Modern Armies A503586925 A
Hasford The Short-Timers Harper & Row A22261012 A
Hawley The Rhodesian Ridgeback A500873513 A
Held Take My Face Mystery House A504048211 A
Henderson Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills A20318036 A
Hensche The Art of Seeing and Painting A504039841 A
Hiatt Principles of Knitting A503381476 A
Hine Men At Work Macmillan A20417814 A
Hirshberg What You Ought to Know About Your Baby Butterick A20417852 A
Hodges The Three Princes of Serendip A21102356 A
Hoerner Fluid-Dynamic Drag A20785918 A
Hoerner Fluid-Dynamic Lift A20785920 A
Hoffman To Drop a Dime A503977504 A
Homma Tokyo Suburbia A504044397 A
Hooper, Edward The River A504206768 A
Hoppe Thirty Years of Billiards A20470343 A
Howard A Gent from Bear Creek Jenkins A504259416 A
Howard Your Magic Power to Persuade and Command People A500875436 A
Hudson A Case of Need World NAL A20319344 A
Hughes Ruby & Sapphire A504164470 A
Hughes The Big Book of Buttons A504043327 A
Hughes The Sweet Flypaper of Life A504117744 A
Huie Wolf Whistle A504075103 A
Hunnicutt Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank A503993313 A
Hunt The Paris Stories A503358085 A
Ibbotson Magic Flutes Century A504019196 A
Irwin Maida's Little Treasure Hunt A500873511 A
Jacobs J. R. McChesney A503381440 A
Jain Algorithms for Clustering Data A504045338 A
James Letters to a Stranger Houghton A504201817 A
James My First Horse Charles Scribner's Sons A20605390 A
James The Language of Fear A19915197 A
Jardine Beyond Backpacking A503967846 A
Jay Cards as Weapons A500242595 A
Jessup UFO and the Bible A20359752 A
Johns Biggles Does Some Homework A500769206 A
Johnsen The Winter Sport of Skeeing A503958632 A
Johnson The History of the Hell Hawks A503993298 A
Jolas Secession in Astropolis A503406220 A
Jones Bobby Jones on the Basic Golf Swing A504035761 A
Josephson The Politicos 1865-1896 A503993271 A
Kane Little Mommy A503992909 A
Kaufman Balls! Lessons in Side-Arm Snookery A504034772 A
Kawaishi My Method of Self-Defence A500213075 A
Kay Thieves Fall Out A504125304 A
Keane Classic Rods and Rodmakers A504567437 A
Kear Flamingos A504045837 A
Keith Hell, I Was There! A504066529 A
Kennedy The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide A22653336 A
Kenseth The Age of the Marvelous A504039216 A
Kenyon Born of the Night A500875199 A
Kerry The New Soldier A20632344 A
Kersh Jews without Jehovah A504045319 A
Ketchum Trail to Nowhere A21102368 A
Keys Only Two Can Play This Game A500875465 A
Kilmer My Edens after Burns A20162946 A
King Arrogant Alibi A504039236 A
King Geared to the Stars A20785924 A
King King's Songs of Hawaii A504147278 A
Kinski All I Need is Love A504618015 A
Kirsten The Book of Tiki A504158782 A
Kite The Devil's Jug, the Crying Tree & Me A500873482 A
Kittinger The Long, Lonely Leap A504045008 A
Klane The Horse is Dead A500873551 A
Klarman Margin of Safety A20746498 A
Klarwein Milk n Honey A19840463 A
Krasik-Geiger The Misty Scary Night of Halloween A503407595 A
Kraus The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher Windmill A500875454 A
Krier Albert Speer A504045337 A
Kruseman Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Data A504119155 A
Kudo Dynamic Judo: Throwing Techniques A500873557 A
Kurtz Codex Derynianus A503972155 A
L'Engle Ilsa A500873494 A
Lampman The City Under the Back Steps A500873470 A
Lange Odds On A20319338 A
Lange The Venom Business A20319340 A
Lasker Inbreeding to Superior Females A503958631 A
Laudermilk & Hamlin The Regency Companion A500875435 A
Lawford Vogue's Book Of Houses, Gardens, People A19798936 A
Laymon A Stranger's Arms A500875196 A
Leanard Rick Springfield A503972153 A
Ledeen Universal Fascism A20711146 A
Lee Golfers Anonymous A504090251 A
Lem Solaris Walker A20526617 A
Lessing Man of High Fidelity Lippincott A20746706 A
Levenson Keys to the Ultimate Freedom A20318284 A
Lewis Knitting Lace A503977496 A
Linebarger Psychological Warfare A20746640 A
Lintz Animals are My Hobby A504073855 A
Lippincott The Wolf King A503992911 A
Little The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs A20746688 A
Livermore How to Trade in Stocks Duell, Sloan & Pearce A20318304 A
Locke The Negro in Art Associates in Negro Folk Educa A20797370 A
Lomax Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People Oak Publications A22261028 A
Lovelace Emily of Deep Valley Crowell A500875346 A
Luneberg Mathematical Theory of Optics A20797436 A
Lyon Conversations with the Dead A20502844 A
Lyon The Bikeriders A20308316 A
Lyons The Devil Made the Small Town A503369759 A
Lytton Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors A20598678 A
M. T. F. My Chinese Marriage Duffield A504487113 A
MacDougall The Cheerleader Putnam's A20604084 A
Maclaren-Ross Memoirs of the Forties Alan Ross A500397834 A
Mangels Turnabout A503977511 A
Manning The Granite Man & the Butterfly A500875472 A
Manton Death Looks On A21445648 A
Manton Murder in the Highlands A21443672 A
Manton Murder Manor A21445036 A
Manton No Escape from Murder A21444120 A
Manton Policeman's Triumph A21445792 A
Manton Stand By for Danger A21445094 A
Manton The Charity Murders A21444470 A
Manton The Circle of Justice A21445216 A
Manton The Crime Syndicate A21445518 A
Manton The Crooked Killer A21444036 A
Manton The Greyvale School Mystery A21444954 A
Manton The Midget Marvel A21445722 A
Manton Thief in the Night A21443828 A
Manton Three Days Terror A21445280 A
Martin Seed Identification Manual A20785810 A
Massine My Life in Ballet A504473265 A
Mayle Chilly Billy A503381450 A
Maynard Manifold Destiny A504052775 A
McCarry The Miernik Dossier Saturday Review Press A502341754 A
McCarthy Guide to the Catholic Sisterhoods A503582714 A
McClary Cammie's Cousin A20297422 A
McFarlane Ghost of the Hardy Boys A19782380 A
McKay Spring in New Hampshire Richards A504259419 A
McKinney A History of the Shoshone-Paiutes A22480264 A
Meader Bulldozer A504044968 A
Mendes Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English A500268087 A
Mendez 25 Prints of Leopoldo Mendez A503406049 A
Metcalf Annabel Reilly & Britton A503972403 A
Meyer Twilight Little, Brown A504045833 A
Middleton Holiday Hutchinson A504039850 A
Middleton Rivers of Memory A22260714 A
Milik The Books of Enoch A504043292 A
Miller Mousekin's Golden House A500313501 A
Mitford Wigs on the Green A503977503 A
Montgomery The Wonderful Electric Elephant Saalfield A22539026 A
Moran Tugboat A22416620 A
Morgan The American Citizen's Handbook A20545454 A
Morgan The Price of Salt Coward-McCann A500853988 A
Morris Buford: True Story of "Walking Tall" Sheriff Buford Pusser A500873450 A
Morris The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt A20308360 A
Morris The Weather Surfer A500215383 A
Morse & Feshbach Methods of Theoretical Physics A20785930 A
Mosby The Wild Turkey in Virginia A503958673 A
Mosher The Mosher Survey A504591312 A
Mossman The Stones of Summer Bobbs-Merrill A20272320 A
Mullins Murder by Injection A503980927 A
Mundy When Trails Were New A504455722 A
Murdoch The Library of Golf A20785826 A
Murphy My South Coast Home A500242634 A
Murray the K Murray the K Tells It Like It Is, Baby A504404627 A
Muses Destiny and Control in Human System A504201008 A
Nation Rebecca's World A21102422 A
Nation Survivors Coward A503977491 A
Needham The Double Squeeze A20513576 A
Nesbit The Untold Story Messner A20746504 A
Nickerson How I Turned... A20318074 A
O'Connor Better Homes and Gardens Story Book A500875484 A
Ochs The Complete Phil Ochs A20598674 A
Odzer Goa Freaks A504119165 A
Oka How to Wrap Five Eggs A500873548 A
Okendo Sky Soldier A500873502 A
Omdahl The Swing of Things A504408739 A
Orr The Road to the Somme A22260844 A
Oz Stock Trading Wizard A22260694 A
Oz The Stock Trader A22260692 A
Pargeter The City Lies Four-Square A500873546 A
Parker Once a Runner A500875477 A
Parker To Bird with Love A20897410 A
Parr Bad Weather A504045241 A
Patterson The Season of the Machete Secker and Warburg A20179334 A
Paul What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars A504394640 A
Payne Youth in Revolt Aivia A504547405 A
Peckner Handbook of Stainless Steels A20785948 A
Penn Flowers Harmony A503992894 A
Perdue Heath Nostalgia A500875481 A
Phillips Folks I Knowed And Horses They Rode A20765636 A
Pigou The Economics of Stationary States A500873477 A
Pirie The Book of the Fallacy A19844709 A
Platt Lungbarrow A504044431 A
Poortvliet In My Grandfather's House A20797414 A
Porter Jesus of the Emerald Doubleday, Page A503381479 A
Powel New York 1929 A503408079 A
Powell Don Quixote, U.S.A. A504284055 A
Power Pioneer Skiing in California A22646284 A
Pratt David Adler A504045836 A
Probst The Golden Treasury of Caroline and her Friends A504039215 A
Radford Radford's Portfolio of Details of Building Construction A503586903 A
Raffaelli Memoirs of a Bugatti Hunter A504083555 A
Rains Lazy Liza Lizard A500875446 A
Ramtha Love Yourself Into Life A20162904 A
Read White Pine Lang Syne A504115045 A
Rearden Castner’s Cutthroats A503993301 A
Reeves Reality in Advertising A500875452 A
Reich A Book of Dreams A503949942 A
Rich No Decency Left A504259405 A
Richards The Heart of a Champion A503992899 A
Richards, Curtis Halloween A503993338 A
Ristow American Maps and Mapmakers A504164500 A
Roberts Promise Me Tomorrow A503977501 A
Roberts The Most Powerful Man in the World A500873479 A
Robertson Scree 3 A22239636 A
Robinson A Modern De Quincey Harrap A22070728 A
Robinson Decade of Champions A503984965 A
Rock The Indigenous Trees of the Hawaiian Islands A503958630 A
Rokeach The Three Christs of Ypsilanti A504630981 A
Roosevelt Countercoup A502926128 A
Roper 50 Classic Climbs of North America A500873474 A
Rosa The Devil to Pay in the Backlands A20319952 A
Rosen Random House Puzzlemaker’s Handbook A504062578 A
Roth The Book of 101 Books A504253225 A
Ruddy Book Lover's Verse A22524966 A
Rufer The Works of Arnold Schoenberg A22024928 A
Rukl Atlas of the Moon Hamlyn A20605388 A
Ruscha Real Estate Opportunities A21102404 A
Ruscha Royal Road Test A504045321 A
Russell Mind Control and the Assassination A503408046 A
Russell The Art of Stoneworking A504039231 A
Rust Discography of Historical Records A20797450 A
Ryan Echo of a Curse Jenkins A504039237 A
Sackheim My First Sixty Years in Advertising A20746496 A
Sage The Man in the Manhole and the Fix-It Men A22260858 A
Sarrafian Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle A19845693 A
Sasser I Have Come to Step Over Your Soul A504329226 A
Sasser The Girl Scout Murders A504329225 A
Saucier Bottoms Up A504457507 A
Schaffer Small Wars Manual A22034144 A
Schatz Pool Light A500875344 A
Schatz Waterdance A500875343 A
Schillinger The Schillinger System of Musical Composition A19844959 A
Schmookler Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Material A504119163 A
Schomer Espresso Coffee A503992839 A
Schrader Jesse James Was One of His Names A504039228 A
Schreier Marble's Knives and Axes A500875470 A
Schulman Finally . . . I'm a Doctor A500226338 A
Scott Belle Starr In Velvet A20319964 A
Scott Frozen Grass A500159309 A
Sepich Notes on Blood Meridian Bellarmine A504045820 A
Serafini Codex Seraphinianus A503892915 A
Shabazian Relief to Royalty A500152715 A
Shafer A Mathematical Theory of Evidence A500873509 A
Shannon A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits A503353466 A
Shelton Reflections of a Nuclear Weaponeer A504045818 A
Sherman The Rape of the A.P.E. A20435695 A
Shute What Happened to the Corbetts A501455168 A
Siemel Tigrero Prentice A504489295 A
Silverman Notes to Houdini A501262814 A
Simak Way Station Doubleday A500873473 A
Simpson Torn Land A503993307 A
Sinatra Tips on Popular Singing A504703132 A
Sinden Sinden on Mushrooms A500873308 A
Smith And Miles to Go A22261034 A
Smith Manchild A503408093 A
Smith Only A Dog Dutton A500875208 A
Soucy & Smyth The Appraisal of Personal Property A503932583 A
Southern I Taught Amelia to Fly A504342882 A
Sparks The Histomap of History A500177388 A
St. James Disco Bloodbath A500873449 A
Stalmaster The Bald Eagle A21121410 A
Stamaty Who Needs Donuts? Dial Press A20260056 A
Starmore Aran Knitting A500873518 A
Starmore In The Hebrides A500873520 A
Starmore Pacific Coast Highway A500873519 A
Starmore Stillwater A500873521 A
Starmore The Scottish Collection A20417858 A
State State by State with The State A20319276 A
Steilberg Some Examples of the Work of Julia Morgan A503408042 A
Stein Canes & Walking Sticks A500875468 A
Stevens Dogs of Velvet and Steel A504398679 A
Stevens The Swap Academy A20459367 A
Stine Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines A504091890 A
Stoker Thicker'n Thieves A503958680 A
Stone Suicide and Attempted Suicide A500875480 A
Straubel One Way Up A504040812 A
Sturgeon I, Libertine A503023293 A
Styron The Long March Modern Library A500406926 A
Summers The South Horizon Man A500125931 A
Sundqvist Swedish Carving Techniques A504045809 A
Swann Penetration A504625233 A
Taber The Evergreen Tree A500873562 A
Taggart Handbook of Mineral Dressing A20785962 A
Teall The Batter and Spoon Fairies A22476396 A
Tepper Marianne, the Matchbox and the Malachite Mouse A500242601 A
Thayer The Blueberry Pie Elf Morrow A504164499 A
Thigpen Ninety and One Years A500875463 A
Thomas Gasoline Gypsy A504039806 A
Thomas Golf Architecture in America A500871927 A
Thomas Minneapolis-Moline A20172174 A
Thorp Beat the Market A500873330 A
Tomberg Meditations on the Tarot Amity House A503408782 A
Town The Architectural Style of A. Hays Town A504039823 A
Tredgold, Nye Ward, Lock A500194356 A
Trott Suicide Song and Dance A20898132 A
Tsukamoto History of Early Chinese Buddhism A20797372 A
Tunney Boxing and Training A19766696 A
Underwood The English Governess A22444646 A
Upfield The Beach of Atonement A504039207 A
Van Gulik Dee Goong An A22149178 A
Varange Imperium The Truth Seeker Press A504043318 A
Veblen The Theory of the Leisure Class Macmillan A20746724 A
Venturi Learning From Las Vegas A504045014 A
Veryan Poor Splendid Wings A500873333 A
Vice The Bear Bryant Funeral Train Georgia A500285200 A
von Bober The Carver Effect A500875442 A
von Mises The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth A20621434 A
Vujic Only Silver Can Kill a Werewolf A503977475 A
Walgamott Six Decades Back Caxton A500159317 A
Walley Lamont the Lonely Monster A504039848 A
Ward My Life in Tights A504645674 A
Warrington A Dance in Blood Velvet Macmillan A500875205 A
Wasson Mushrooms, Russia and History A503408011 A
Watkins My Life with Charles Manson A20318374 A
Watson The Tall Book of Make-Believe A503992910 A
Watson Witch of the Glens Viking A500875460 A
Wayland The Washingtons and Their Homes A500873566 A
Webb Swedish Iron A504206770 A
Wells Ski Nurse Mystery A500412217 A
Werner The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies A500873439 A
Wertham Seduction of the Innocent A20319658 A
West Life and Times of S. H. West A503408077 A
Westmoreland Elvis and Kathy A504045314 A
Whalen Monastery A500873460 A
White English Lantern Clocks A504044998 A
White Sketches and Designs by Stanford White A20797390 A
White The Lion's Paw A503958635 A
Whitman Franklin Evans J. Winchester A500245649 A
Wilder American Popular Song A504075104 A
Wilkens Where Troy Once Stood A22650852 A
Willson Honey Bear A20480186 A
Windham Sixty Saints for Girls Sheed & Ward A503381470 A
Winogrand Women Are Beautiful A503992893 A
Wolf The Catchers of Heaven A500873468 A
Wright Gadsby Wetzel A504039853 A
Wright To My Sons Harper A504545548 A
Wyler & Ames The Giant Golden Book of Biology A504006518 A
Wyndham Lady Architect A503582732 A
Wyndham Susie and the Ballet Horse A503582734 A
Yoder The Alphabet of Sheep A503992890 A
Young Jellybeans for Breakfast A503582729 A
Zeckendorf The Autobiography of William Zeckendorf A504022883 A
Zilboorg Magnificent Mittens A504119251 A
Zimmermann PGP: Source Code and Internals A20785970 A
Zumthor Peter Zumthor Works A504408642 A

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Abbey, Edward

Abe, Kobo

Achebe, Chinua

Acker, Kathy

Adams, Douglas

Adams, Richard

Akutagawa, Ryunosuke

Aldiss, Brian

Alexie, Sherman 

Algren, Nelson 

Allende, Isabel

Amado, Jorge 

Ambler, Eric

Amis, Kingsley

Amis, Martin

Andersen, Hans Christian


Apuleius, Lucius


Artsybashev, Mikhail Petrovich

Ashbery, John

Asimov, Isaac

Auster, Paul

Aylett, Steve

Ballard, J. G.

Banks, Iain

Banville, John

Barker, Clive

Barnes, Julian

Barth, John

Barthelme, Donald

Bataille, Georges

Baudelaire, Charles

Baum, L. Frank

Baxter, Charles

Beagle, Peter S.

Beatty, Paul

Beaumont, Charles

Beckett, Samuel

Bellow, Saul

Berger, Thomas

Bernhard, Thomas

Bester, Alfred

Bierce, Ambrose

Bishop, Elizabeth

Bishop, Michael

Blackwood, Algernon

Blish, James

Bloch, Robert

Block, Lawrence

Boccaccio, Giovanni

Bolano, Roberto

Boll, Heinrich

Bowles, Paul

Boyle, T. C.

Bradbury, Ray

Bradley, Marion Zimmer

Brautigan, Richard 

Brecht, Bertolt 

Breton, Andre 

Brite, Poppy Z.

Brown, Fredric

Brunner, John

Buckley, Christopher

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Bukowski, Charles

Bulgakov, Mikhail 

Bunker, Edward

Burgess, Anthony 

Burgess, Gelett

Burke, James Lee

Burnett, W. R.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice 

Burroughs, William S.

Cain, James M. 

Calvino, Italo

Camus, Albert 

Canetti, Elias 

Capote, Truman

Carr, John Dickson

Carroll, Jim

Carroll, Jonathan

Carroll, Lewis 

Carter, Angela 

Carver, Raymond


Cather, Willa 

Cave, Hugh B.

Celine, Louis-Ferdinand 

Cendrars, Blaise

Cervantes, Miguel de

Chabon, Michael

Chandler, Raymond

Chaon, Dan

Chayefsky, Paddy

Cheever, John

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich

Chesterton, G. K.  

Christie, Agatha

Clark, Walter Van Tilburg

Clarke, Arthur C. 

Cleland, John

Clement, Hal

Cocteau, Jean

Coetzee, J. M. 

Collins, Wilkie 

Connelly, Michael

Conrad, Joseph 

Cooper, James Fenimore 

Coover, Robert

Cope, Wendy

Corbett, David

Cossery, Albert

Coward, Noel

Crace, Jim 

Crane, Stephen

Crews, Harry

Crowley, John

Crumley, James

Cummings, E. E.

Dahl, Roald

Daly, Carroll John


Dario, Ruben 

Davidson, Avram

de Assis, Joaquim Maria Machado

de Bernieres, Louis

De Vries, Peter

Delany, Samuel R. 

DeLillo, Don 

Derleth, August

Dexter, Pete

di Prima, Diane

Dick, Philip K. 

Dickens, Charles

Dickey, James

Dickinson, Emily

Diderot, Denis

Dinesen, Isak 

Disch, Thomas M.

Doblin, Alfred 

Doctorow, E. L. 

Dodge, Jim

Doig, Ivan

Donleavy, J. P. 

Dos Passos, John 

Dostoevsky, Fyodor 

Doyle, Arthur Conan 

Dreiser, Theodore 

Dumas, Alexandre 

Dunning, John

Duras, Marguerite 

Durrell, Lawrence 

Durrenmatt, Friedrich 

Dybek, Stuart

Eco, Umberto 

Eliot, T. S.

Elkin, Stanley

Ellin, Stanley

Ellis, Brett Easton

Ellison, Harlan

Ellison, Ralph 

Ellroy, James 

Erickson, Steve

Eugenides, Jeffrey

Evenson, Brian

Fante, Dan 

Fante, John

Farmer, Philip Jose

Faulkner, William 

Fearing, Kenneth

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence

Finney, Charles G.

Finney, Jack

Fisher, M. F. K.

Fisher, Vardis

Fitzgerald, F. Scott 

Flaubert, Gustave

Fleming, Ian

Foote, Horton

Ford, Jeffrey

Ford, Richard

Forster, E. M. 

Fowles, John

Frazier, Ian

Friedman, Bruce Jay

Frisch, Max 

Frost, Robert

Gaddis, William

Gaiman, Neil

Gallico, Paul

Gardner, Erle Stanley

Gardner, Leonard

Gass, William H.

Geisel, Theodor Seuss

Genet, Jean

Gibson, William

Gilbert, W. S.

Ginsberg, Allen 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von 

Gogol, Nikolay Vasilyevich

Golding, William

Goodis, David

Gorey, Edward

Gorky, Maksim

Goulart, Ron

Grass, Gunter

Green, Henry

Greene, Graham

Gresham, William Lindsay

Gysin, Brion

Haggard, H. Rider

Hall, Donald

Hall, Oakley

Hammett, Dashiell 

Hamsun, Knut 

Hannah, Barry

Harris, Frank

Harrison, Jim

Harte, Bret

Harvey, John

Hawkes, John

Heinlein, Robert A.

Heller, Joseph 

Hemingway, Ernest

Hemon, Aleksandar

Hempel, Amy

Herbert, Frank

Hernandez, Felisberto

Herr, Michael 

Hesse, Hermann 

Highsmith, Patricia

Hillerman, Tony

Himes, Chester 

Hjortsberg, William

Hoban, Russell

Hodgson, William Hope

Hoffmann, E. T. A.

Howard, Robert E.

Hughes, Dorothy B.

Hughes, Langston

Hugo, Victor 

Hurston, Zora Neale 

Huxley, Aldous 

Huysmans, Joris Karl 

Ibsen, Henrik

Ionesco, Eugene

Irving, John 

Ishiguro, Kazuo

James, Henry

Jeffers, Robinson

Jerome, Jerome K.

Johnson, Denis

Jones, Thom

Joyce, James

Kafka, Franz

Kawabata, Yasunari

Kennedy, William

Kerouac, Jack

Kersh, Gerald 

Kesey, Ken 

Kessel, John

King, Stephen

Kleinzahler, August

Koontz, Dean R.

Kosinski, Jerzy

Kotzwinkle, William

Kraus, Karl

Lafferty, R. A.

Lagerkvist, Par

Lansdale, Joe R.

Larkin, Philip

Latimer, Jonathan

Lawrence, D. H.

Laymon, Richard

Le Carre, John

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan

Le Guin, Ursula K.

Leacock, Stephen

Lear, Edward

Lee, Harper

Lehane, Dennis

Lem, Stanislaw 

Leonard, Elmore 

Lethem, Jonathan

Levi, Primo

Lewis, Sinclair

Link, Kelly

Lipsyte, Sam

London, Jack

Lopez, Barry

Louys, Pierre

Lovecraft, H. P. 

Lowry, Malcolm

MacDonald, John D.

Macdonald, Ross

Machiavelli, Niccolo

Mailer, Norman

Malamud, Bernard

Malzberg, Barry N.

Mamet, David

Mann, Thomas 

Mansfield, Katherine

Markson, David

Marquez, Gabriel García

Matheson, Richard

Maxwell, William

Mayakovsky, Vladimir

McBain, Ed

McCammon, Robert R.

McCarry, Charles

McCarthy, Cormac

McCarthy, Tom

McCoy, Horace 

McEwan, Ian

McGrath, Patrick

McGuane, Thomas

McMurtry, Larry

Melville, Herman

Mencken, H. L.

Merritt, A.

Michener James A.

Millar, Margaret

Miller, Henry

Miller, Joaquin

Miller, Walter M., Jr.

Millet, Lydia

Millhauser, Steven

Milne, A. A.

Mirbeau, Octave

Mishima, Yukio

Moorcock, Michael 

Morley, Christopher

Morris, Wright

Morrison, Toni 

Mosley, Walter

Munro, Alice

Murakami, Haruki

Murdoch, Iris 

Nabokov, Vladimir 

Naipaul, V. S.

Nash, Ogden

Nin, Anais 

Niven, Larry

Norman, Howard

Norris, Frank

O’Brien, Flann 

O’Brien, Tim 

O’Connor, Flannery 

O’Hara, Frank

Oates, Joyce Carol

O'Neill, Eugene

Onetti, Juan Carlos

Orwell, George 

Palahniuk, Chuck 

Parker, Dorothy

Pasolini, Pier Paulo

Patchen, Kenneth

Paz, Octavio

Pelecanos, George

Pelevin, Victor 

Perelman, S. J.

Perry, Anne

Phillips, Jayne Anne

Pirandello, Luigi

Plath, Sylvia 

Poe, Edgar Allan

Porter, Cole

Portis, Charles

Pound, Ezra 

Powell, Anthony

Powell, Dawn

Price, Richard

Priest, Christopher

Proust, Marcel 

Purdy, James

Pynchon, Thomas 

Queneau, Raymond 

Rabelais, Francois

Rand, Ayn

Rankin, Ian

Reage, Pauline  

Remarque, Erich Maria 

Rice, Anne 

Richler, Mordecai

Rimbaud, Arthur

Robbe-Grillet, Alain 

Rolfe, Frederick

Rosa, Joao Guimaraes

Roth, Philip

Rousseau, Jean Jacques 

Rushdie, Salman

Ryman, Geoff

Sabado, Ernesto 

Sade, Donatien Alphonse Francois  

Saint-Exupery, Antoine de


Salinger, J. D.

Sallis, James

Salter, James

Saramago, Jose

Saroyan, William

Sartre, Jean-Paul 

Saunders, George

Sayers, Dorothy L.

Schulz, Bruno

Schwartz, Delmore

Seager, Allan

Seidel, Frederick

Selby, Hubert, Jr.

Sendak, Maurice

Serling, Rod

Shaara, Michael

Shacochis, Bob

Shakespeare, William


Sheckley, Robert

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft 

Shepard, Sam

Silverstein, Shel

Simenon, Georges

Simmons, Dan

Singer, Isaac Bashevis

Sladek, John

Smith, Clark Ashton

Smith, Cordwainer

Smith, E. E. "Doc"

Smith, Zadie 

Snyder, Gary

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isayevich

Sorrentino, Gilbert

Southern, Terry

Spillane, Mickey

Spinrad, Norman

Stapledon, Olaf

Stegner, Wallace

Stein, Gertrude

Steinbeck, John 

Stephenson, Neal 

Sterling, Bruce

Sterne, Laurence

Stevens, Wallace

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Stoker, Bram

Stone, Robert 

Strindberg, August 

Sturgeon, Theodore

Swift, Jonathan 

Tevis, Walter

Thomas, Ross

Thompson, Earl

Thompson, Hunter S. 

Thompson, Jim

Thoreau, Henry David 

Thurber, James

Tiptree, James, Jr.

Tolkien, J. R. R. 

Tolstoy, Leo 

Toole, John Kennedy

Traven, B.

Trevor, William

Trocchi, Alexander

Trollope, Anthony

Tully, Jim

Twain, Mark

Unamuno, Miguel de

Untermeyer, Louis

Updike, John

van Gulik, Robert

Vance, Jack

VanderMeer, Jeff

Vargas Llosa, Mario 

Verne, Jules 

Vidal, Gore 


von Kleist, Heinrich

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.

Wallace, David Foster

Walser, Robert

Warren, Robert Penn

Waugh, Evelyn

Wellman, Manly Wade 

Wells, Carolyn

Wells, H. G.

West, Nathanael

Westlake, Donald E.

White, Edmund 

White, T. H. 

Whitman, Walt

Wilde, Oscar

Willeford, Charles

Williams, Charles

Williams, John Edward

Williams, Tennessee

Williamson, Jack

Wilson, Robert Anton 

Wodehouse, P. G.

Wolfe, Gene

Wolfe, Thomas 

Woolf, Virginia

Woolrich, Cornell

Wright, Charles

Wyndham, John

Yates, Richard

Yeats, William Butler

Zamyatin, Yevgeny 

Zola, Emile 

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